Body Vision PT600 Power Tower Review

Body Vision PT600The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is a multi-workout station that works both your upper and lower body as well as your core. You’ll get a fantastic workout anywhere in your home with this fitness station.

The PT600 is designed by Body Max and will strengthen and your body and help you to put on muscle. You can perform a variety of exercises such as pull-ups, dips, leg raises and more. There are multiple grip position so you can find the one that suits you or change up your exercises slightly to work different muscles.

The Power Tower comes with padded arms and back cushions so you can do vertical knee raises and leg raises as well. The tower is height adjustable and includes foot grips which can also be used as push-up bars. Read the rest of this entry

Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand Review

Ultimate Body Press Dip StandThere’s just about nothing better for upper body strength training then a dip station such as the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand. This dip stand makes the perfect accompaniment to your home gym and allows you to do a number of exercises including knee raises, inverted rows, tricep dips and more.

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand is easy to assemble with its color-coded parts. No tools are necessary. The dip stand is made from thick steel and is strong enough to last a lifetime of use. The dip stand can hold a maximum weight of 350lbs and suits people up to 6’5” tall.

This dip stand folds up for easy storage or for transport and comes with high density foam for grip comfort and non-skid rubber for stability. Some of the most popular exercises on this dip stand are the chest dip for sculpting the upper body, full bodyweight rows for development of the shoulders and chest and knee raises to tone your core and back. Read the rest of this entry

Dip Stand Angled Dipping Station Bars HD Machine Review

Dip Stand AngledSometimes less is better and that’s certainly the case with the Dip Stand Angled Dipping Station Bars by Barbells4me. This simple, yet effective dipping stand will have you building a rock solid upper body in no time. Not only do dips work out your arms and chest but you can do other exercises such as knee raises for a full core workout too.

This freestanding dip station is great for workout out your triceps, delts and shoulders. It has angled bars with a 500 pound capacity. The bars are extra thick for easy gripping. The distance between the bars is 20 inches at the back and 24 inches at the front.

This dipping station is very sturdy and stable. It won’t wobble while you use it even if you’re carrying a significant amount of weight. The dipping stand weighs 51 pounds. It’s easy to install and great value for money. Read the rest of this entry

Body Solid NB56 Nylon Dipping Belt Review

Body Solid NB56Using your own bodyweight is a good start if you want to improve your strength and build muscle but for the best results you’ll want to move on from pure bodyweight exercises to adding weight as soon as possible. Once you add weight to your exercises you’ll find your body starts to adapt and change much more quickly.

Adding weights to exercises such as dips or pull-ups is easy with the Body Solid NB56 Dipping Belt. As the name suggests, this belt is perfect for exercises such as chest dips, lunges and chin-ups. This belt makes it easy to add weight plates which will increase your resistance for each exercise and build muscle mass much quicker.

This belt has bevelled edges which won’t dig into your skin or bruise even with heavy loads. The maximum recommended weight for this belt is 50lbs. Body Solid stand by the fitness products they produce and are offering a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for this dipping belt. Read the rest of this entry

Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Dip Station Review

Ultimate Body Press Wall MountedIf you want to get a great workout but are worried about losing floor space then try the Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Dip Station With Vertical Knee Raise. This dip station can be mounted on any wood frame wall. It’s made of high quality material so you’ll feel just like you’re at the gym.

With the Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Dip Station you don’t have to worry about unsightly gym equipment around the house. It can be installed quickly and easily into most homes or commercial buildings. It’s made from heavy-duty steel with a grey powder coated finish.

This dip station features arm and back rests as well as padded foam grips. Included in the package is all of the mounting hardware you need and installation instructions so you can set this station up in your own home. You’ll be able to sculpt your arms, chest, abs and back in no time. Read the rest of this entry

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