XMark XM-4432 Power Tower with Pull Up Station Review

XMark Fitness Power Tower With Pull-Up StandThe XMark XM-4432 Power Tower gives you the sturdy frame you need to do your pull-up and dip exercises. It’s ergonomically designed to put you in the right position for doing each of the exercises. It comes with a pull-up or chin-up station where you can do pull-ups with either a wide or narrow grip.

The other side of the tower features a dip station with two dip handles. It comes with back and arm padding so you can also do your vertical knee raises here. Down below you can use the push-up and sit-up station to work on your chest and abs as well.

The XM-4432 is sturdy enough to last a lifetime and comes with steel construction measuriong 2” x 2”. It features skid resistant feet to stop the tower moving about while you are working out and to also protect your floors from any damage. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Read the rest of this entry

XMark XM-4434The XMark XM-4434 Power Tower with dip station and pull-up bar is the perfect way to improve your upper body and core strength. Just like squats for the lower body, pull-ups are one of the best exercises to improve overall strength and muscle tone. With the XMark Power Tower you can do a range of exercises to target these core areas.

The XMark has a range of positions so you can work on the muscles that you want. It comes with dip handles with rubber grips for all your dipping exercises. It also has both a narrow and wide grip pull-up bar. It features back and arm cushioning for your vertical knee raises and also has push-up handles with rubber grips.

The XMark Power Tower is a great way to build muscle and improve your strength. Not only will it work out your upper body but abs and back as well. The tower comes with skid resistant feet to protect your floors and 2” hi-density cushions for maximum comfort while you work out. Read the rest of this entry