Body Solid Commercial RatedFor men and women interested in putting on muscle and gaining strength one of the best ways to do it is with a dipping machine such as the Body Solid Commercial Rated Dip Station Power Tower With Vertical Knee Raises.

This machine is commercial quality so can be used in the home or in the gym. It’s easy to assemble and made from high grade materials. This is perfect for getting a six pack abs and increasing muscle mass in your upper body.

The Body Solid Vertical Knee Raise and Dip Station comes with padded arm and back pads. It features a step entry to make getting into the knee raise position easy. The oversized handgrips are comfortable to hold so you’ll get a great chest and arm workout. The four sides of the steel frame have been welded for rock solid performance.

Body Solid are a household name in the fitness industry and produce many great fitness products for those wanting to tone up and increase their strength. Body Solid’s philosophy is to develop products that are build for life and that are safe, tough, comfortable and affordable.

You’ll Feel The Burn

This Body Solid dip station is designed to give you an optimum workout for your upper body and core. You’ll really feel the burn in your abs, chest and arms as you use this machine. Dips and knee raises are two of the most important exercises you can do. Get started today and you’ll feel the difference.

“It’s wonderful to use. I can REALLY feel the burn on the knee lifts, whether knees straight up or raising my legs from the hip. Wow. Yet it’s super-comfy arm pads and back pad make it a pleasant, secure experience. Very well-balanced too, so it NEVER shakes or rocks.”

Rock Solid & Perfect For The Home Gym

The GVKR60 Power Tower is perfect for use in your home gym. It’s easy to assemble and very sturdy. Even taller people won’t have any problems using this product.

“Very stable, thick steel, easy to assemble piece of equipment. Nice firm, large arm pads and back rest. I’m 6’5″ and it’s tall enough for me to use without my feet touching the ground while doing the knee raises.”


Body-Solid’s Exclusive Lifetime, In-Home Warranty Provides 100% Coverage for Every Part, Including Normal Wear Items

Commercial Rated for Light Institutional Use

Safe, No-Slip Step-Up Entry

Ideal for Home and Commercial Use

Assembled Dimensions: 60″H x 37″L x 24″W

What Others Are Saying

The Body Solid Vertical Knee Raise and Dip Station has received stirling reviews from customers who give it a feedback score of 4.7 out of 5 stars. It has almost perfect scores all around from buyers who say that it’s rock solid and is giving them a six pack abs in no time.

“This is a wonderful addition to my home gym. The product is very well made and easy to assemble. I am so impressed with the Body Solid product that I have already ordered another piece of equipment”

“Easy to assemble, built to last- I am certain it will outlast me. I am 5’4 inches tall and have no problems with it at all. My back doesn’t slide anywhere. Buy it, you will be happy.”

Recommendation & Price

If you’re looking for a sturdy dip and knee raise station to work out on then try the Body Solid GVKR60 Power Tower Vertical Knee Raise And Dip Station. Body Solid is a well-known brand among fitness enthusiasts and this product in particular has received very good reviews. It’s stable, easy to assemble and does the job it’s supposed to do. To find the best price for this vertical knee raise & dip station click here.

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