Body Solid NB56Using your own bodyweight is a good start if you want to improve your strength and build muscle but for the best results you’ll want to move on from pure bodyweight exercises to adding weight as soon as possible. Once you add weight to your exercises you’ll find your body starts to adapt and change much more quickly.

Adding weights to exercises such as dips or pull-ups is easy with the Body Solid NB56 Dipping Belt. As the name suggests, this belt is perfect for exercises such as chest dips, lunges and chin-ups. This belt makes it easy to add weight plates which will increase your resistance for each exercise and build muscle mass much quicker.

This belt has bevelled edges which won’t dig into your skin or bruise even with heavy loads. The maximum recommended weight for this belt is 50lbs. Body Solid stand by the fitness products they produce and are offering a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for this dipping belt.

Body Solid are a household name in the fitness industry and produce many great fitness products for those wanting to tone up and increase their strength. Body Solid’s philosophy is to develop products that are build for life and that are safe, tough, comfortable and affordable.

Strong, Durable & Comfortable

This dipping belt is strong enough to hold a large amount of weight while still being comfortable to wear. The recommended weight max is 50 pounds and Body Solid have a leather version of this belt if you want to go to higher weights.

“The chain is strong and durable, the belt is cushioned and comfortable, the whole thing is able to withstand any amount of weight. It fits nicely around the back and hangs freely for you to add weight and exercise, doing dips, and especially pullups.”

Makes It Easy To Add Resistance To Your Exercises

Pull-ups and dips are two of the best exercises you can do for your upper body. Once you can do 5 or 10 reps however you’ll want to progress to using weights as resistance. This belt has a nice sized chain that is easy to attach weights to.

“Very strong belt. Chain is a nice size to attach weights to it. Good comfort. I wish i’ve bought one sooner.”


Belt lets you add weight plates (sold separately) to increase resistance, build muscle mass, and see results faster

For use during dips, chin-ups, lunges, and similar exercises

Beveled edges won’t dig, bite, or bruise, even under heavy loads

Recommended for use up to 50 pounds; use Body-Solid Leather Dipping Belt for heavier loads

Includes limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

What Others Are Saying

The Body Solid NB56 Nylon Dipping Belt receives 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Buyers say it’s perfect for adding resistance to their workout and makes their dips and pull-ups even better.

“I really recommend this product for anyone who enjoys working out and really wants to dramatically increase their strength gains rapidly. If you challenge yourself the growth from these two exercises, pullups and dips, will be substantial and carry over anywhere.”

“I’ve used up to the fifty pound recommended limit for sets of ten while doing dips and had no problems. held it strong and made my workout all the better.”

Recommendation & Price

The Body Solid NB56 Belt is one size fits all. Once weight is added the belt will pull tightly around your waist holding it on. This dipping belt is very affordable and makes it easy to add weight plates to your pull-up and dipping exercises. At the price it’s currently being sold at it really can’t be beat and is an essential add-on to your dipping station. To see the best prices for the Body Solid Dipping Belt click here now.

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