Dip Stand AngledSometimes less is better and that’s certainly the case with the Dip Stand Angled Dipping Station Bars by Barbells4me. This simple, yet effective dipping stand will have you building a rock solid upper body in no time. Not only do dips work out your arms and chest but you can do other exercises such as knee raises for a full core workout too.

This freestanding dip station is great for workout out your triceps, delts and shoulders. It has angled bars with a 500 pound capacity. The bars are extra thick for easy gripping. The distance between the bars is 20 inches at the back and 24 inches at the front.

This dipping station is very sturdy and stable. It won’t wobble while you use it even if you’re carrying a significant amount of weight. The dipping stand weighs 51 pounds. It’s easy to install and great value for money.

Solid Dipping Station For The Home Gym

Once you get on this station you will feel supported all the way through your exercises. It has a stable base and supports a large amount of weight. This dip stand is the perfect addition to your home gym and can be used by everyone in the household.

“Awesome and very solid dip station for the home gym. Easy to install and a very nice price. Really high quality and solid construction. Very happy.”

Comfortable Grips & Easy To Workout On

There’s no need to pay thousands for a dipping station when you can do everything you need to for a fraction of the cost. This dipping station is very high quality and is comfortable to use.

“Fantastic dip station. Solid build quality, stable during dips, comfortable grips, and pretty lightweight. This is nearly a commercial grade dip station. I love it! There are more expensive, better dip stations out there, but why pay significantly more for something only slightly better?”


Freestanding dip station for working out shoulders, delts, and triceps

Angled 2″ x 3″ inch HD steel uprights, 500 LB. Capacity

Oversized extra-thick bars

Measures 26 x 53 x 37 inches (W x H x D); built for a lifetime of use


What Others Are Saying

The Dip Stand Angled Dipping Station has one of the best ratings on Amazon. At 4.8 out of 5 stars it’s certainly one of the best sellers. It’s received dozens of reviews from customers who say it’s sturdy, comfortable and extremely high quality. Let’s have a look at what some fitness addicts are saying about this device below.

“At half the cost of other free standing dip stations I was prepared for poor workmanship and finish. I was delightfully surprised by the quality of this product. Very sturdy and stable with a near perfect fit and finish.”

This is an awesome dip stand. I am going to be building a dipping belt for it and do some weighted dips! This is a really great dip stand. I love it!”

Recommendation & Price

Don’t settle for anything less than a great dipping stand. This angled stand has everything you need to perform the perfect dip. It’s incredibly strong and can hold up to 500lbs. This means you’ll have no trouble doing weighted dips. This angled dipping stand has received very positive reviews from buyers. It’s a simple product but does the job well. To have a look at the price for this dipping stand click here now.

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